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Alpaca hiker socks, great for any trail or adventure!

The Alpaca Guy


Introducing the Ultimate Hiker Socks from The Alpaca Guy! These socks are a must-have for all outdoo…

Dress alpaca socks

The Alpaca Guy


The perfect way to make wearing dress shoes a LOT less uncomfortable! Alpaca Dress socks feel s…

Alpaca compression socks

The Alpaca Guy


Live life to its fullest in a new multi color KNEE HIGH Compression Sock! Wear these eye catching, c…

Alpaca field hiker socks, the perfect high sock for any hike, trail or activity!

Introducing our Alpaca Hiker High Socks, crafted with premium alpaca wool to provide you with the ut…

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What Is The Difference Between Royal Alpaca, Baby Alpaca and Premium Alpaca?

Alpaca fiber is a luxurious and sought-after material in the textile industry, celebrated for its so

Alpaca by Design
Jun 20th 2024

Is Alpaca Best for Knitting, Weaving, or Crochet? The All-Star Fiber Takes the Stage

Luxuriously soft, incredibly warm, and boasting a beautiful drape – alpaca fiber is a dream come tru

Alpaca by Design
Jun 2nd 2024

At Alpaca by Design, Giving Back Is Woven Into Our Fabric - It Just Feels So Natural

Since acquiring Alpaca by Design in early 2022, we very much knew that simply buying wholesale and s

Alpaca by Design
Mar 23rd 2024