Super Floofy Alpacas

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Product Description

Feel the Floof! Say hello to our alpaca alpacas! I mean…c’mon, do you really need a description. But if you insist, well, they’re like hugging a cloud. A soft, cuddly, handmade in Peru, 100% alpaca floof of a cloud. We have them in Huacaya (floofy alpacas) or Suri (long draping fleece alpacas). These 12″ standing alpacas are made of 100% alpaca and come in either Huacaya (floofy alpacas) or Suri (long draping fleece alpacas) variations. Made of 100% alpaca, these are all handmade one by one in Peru, so the selection we receive with each shipment varies and we don’t have control over what we are sent. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get the exact one you’re looking for, if you specify dark or light, we’ll do our absolute best to ship the closest match we can whenever we can. We promise that once it’s in your hands, you’ll never be able to put it down. Uses: Hugs, Floof Therapy. Did we mention hugs? #FeelTheFloof