Meet Our Team


Steve & Anne Segal originally opened the shop in 2007. Prior to that, they raised alpacas in Colorado and also co-published and designed Alpacas Magazine, which helped give them the foresight to see the growth potential of the industry in the States. They are hand weavers and work with other local artisans that felt, knit, and make other beautiful one-of-a-kind objects.


In 2022, Alpaca by Design was purchased by premiere alpaca judge and breeder Amanda VandenBosch of Flying Dutchman Alpacas, and travel, nature, architecture & fine art photographer Wasim Muklashy. In addition to the store, they also run The Original Alpaca Picnic Experience, helping to bridge the gap between the product people are buying, and the source of the fibers of that product, the wonderful alpacas.


The new team has big plans to take what the Segals began to help push the growing alpaca industry forward!




Five years ago, they didn’t even know each other. They were floating around in their various orbits, doing all their life stuffs and whatnots, completely oblivious to the serendipity that would ultimately bring them together. And then 2020 happened. Like everyone else during that wacky year-that-shall-not-be-named, as they searched for ways to make the most of challenging situations, much energy was spent on surrounding themselves with things that made them feel good, and pivoting at least parts of their lives to revolve around that. For these particular humanoids…it turned out to be alpacas. Hailing from wildly different backgrounds, the new team behind Alpaca by Design has come together and made it a goal to spread and share the genuine joy that these magical creatures brought to each of them.


It all starts with Amanda VandenBosch. While many of you may already know her as the owner of the Tumalo Coffeehouse, you may not realize that she is alpaca royalty! Amanda has been a Senior AOA Halter and Fleece Judge and an Alpaca Judge Trainer and Instructor in the United States for over 20 years and has one of the world’s most sought-after breeding programs on her farm Flying Dutchman Alpacas. Amanda literally helped write the book on alpaca judging and is the brainchild behind Innovative Fleece Assessment, the new judging program designed to help breeders of all grades of alpaca usher in a new era focused on a sustainable alpaca industry. Amanda also served on the board of Quechua Benefit, a nonprofit organization dedicated to social justice and economic empowerment for the Quechua people living in highland Peru.


In late 2019, professional travel and landscape photographer, videographer and virtual reality producer Wasim Muklashy was asked by Quechua Benefit to join them on their annual tour of Peru’s Altiplano. He was tasked with documenting the humanitarian projects that the non-profit was involved in with indigenous populations in the Andes, as well as to capture various alpaca farms in their habitats of origin. Perhaps most crucially, Wasim was tasked with capturing the magic of a chaccu, an ancient Incan Sun God ritual involving the vicuńa, the rare distant cousin of the alpaca that produces amongst the finest fiber in the world. It was here that he met Amanda, who was one of the tour guides on that trip. They struck a friendship that ultimately led to his living on her farm during 2020-2021 and immersing himself in all things alpaca.