Feel the Floof


Welcome to Alpaca by Design, the Nation’s Premiere Alpaca Products Store – Everything from Alpaca Socks to Alpaca Hats, Shawls, Sweaters, Super Fuzzy Bears and more!

If you’re looking for the nation’s premiere alpaca products store, look no further. Alpaca by Design is your one-stop shop for all things alpaca – stunning Peruvian and locally-made alpaca socks, sweaters, scarves, shawls, throws, accessories, blankets, socks, yarn, and so much more.

If you see something you like but it’s not available in your size, let us know. Depending on what the item is, we may be able to place a special order. Call 541-549-PACA (7222) or contact us via email.

Yeah, sure, we’re an alpaca store. But we’re not just any alpaca store. While most stores simply stock product, we take our stock in stories, in history, in rewarding and recognizing the hardship behind true artisanship.

What you’ll see from us as we evolve will reflect just that.

While we certainly put a healthy amount of focus on espousing the unique qualities of this magical natural fiber, qualities that include being hypo-allergic by nature, boasting the softness of cashmere, and its natural resistance to water, most importantly, we plan to be wholly intentional in who and how we source our product from.

If the product is imported from Peru or Ecuador or one of the handful of regions that alpaca originate from, we plan to support the vendors that are truly taking care of their people, their employees, their local communities, and the women and children and indigenous populations that rely on the alpaca for their very livelihood.

If the product is domestic or local to Central Oregon, we will make sure to source those products from farmers and producers that have the same value set in the work that they do.

Finally, we believe sustainability plays an important factor in helping to grow a thriving alpaca industry, and we intend to focus on supporting companies, brands, and in many cases individual artisans, that share those same beliefs.

While the product sells itself – as soon as you feel anything alpaca, you can’t help but feel good, ultimately, anything we carry at Alpaca by Design, we’d like to also connect you to the very real human story behind it.

The alpaca has given us so much. 

So very much.

And giving back to those that truly made it possible is embedded in our ethos.

What we’d like is for you to also feel good about where you’re putting your hard earned dollars.

The new team behind Alpaca by Design is on a mission to not only bring increased awareness of this incredible product to the Central Oregon community, but in a way that also shines a light on the Peruvian communities in the Andes highlands, largely made up of indigenous Quechua women, who despite their hardships and lack of resources, have nurtured and built and continue to produce some of the finest alpaca product on the planet.

Alpacas are a magical creature.

And the fibers they produce have magical properties.

We know this.

Some of you might know this.

But now it’s time for everyone to know this. 

And that’s what we’re designing Alpaca by Design to do.

So come on in, #FeelTheFloof

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Alpaca by Design Alpaca Store, Alpaca Products, Alpaca Information, Home of The Original Alpaca Picnic